We are a small business in
the Municipy of Cardenas that loves nature!
We like cooperating with different people who can share their ideas and knowledge with us!


- Cleaning / Restaurant / Kitchen
- Gardening / Farm
- Maintenance


Help with room and general house cleaning.
You will learn how to decorate a bed with towells.
The kitchen can always use an extra hand with cleaning, washing dishes, bringing the plates to the restaurant.
Assist with breakfast preparation and



Dryseason (December to May and August)

  • watering plants
  • cleaning the yard from leafes and branches
  • cleaning the garden from bad weed
  • feeding the cows (between 3 and 6)
  • cleaning the barn
  • feeding the dogs 

Rainseason (June / July and September to November)

  • cleaning the yard from branches
  • cutting branches
  • cleaning the garden from bad weed
  • Maintain gardens, potted plants and help planting trees. Collect fruits.
  • Maintain the fances 
  • cleaning some trails on the farm


We have a 9-hole minigolf-course in a very bad shape
which we will activate again in January 2019.


  • Cleaning the minigolf area of leafes and brenches
  • Restoration and deep cleaning of the tracks
  • some concrete work
  • maybe paint again

What we expect from you:

  1. Honesty, responsability and motivation
  2. We prefer couples between 22 to 28 years
  3. Basic Spanish
  4. To stay at least 2 weeks - work 6 days per week / 6 hours a day
  5. Sometimes it could be hard physical work, but never the whole day
  6. Recomendations and ideas
  7. No drugs including no excess of alcoholic drinks

What you get from us:

  1. You get your own, basic house
    (bedroom, living room, kitchen, basic bathroom)
  2. 3 free meals per day (not only rice & beans)
  3. For high motivated volunteers there is always a surprise!

What you can do in your spare time:

  1. In your spare time you can visite the village of Cardenas, Rivas, San Juan del Sur and Granada. 
  2. If you have experience in yoga, martial arts, massage, playing an instrument or any other ability you can offer to our guestes and earn some extra money. Tell us befor you arrive and we can make some publicity in Facebook.
  3. French speaking travellers can teach me french.
  4. You should know that sometimes working hours can variety, but also there are days without any tourists which means like a day off.
  5. We are not a loud party-hotel.


Send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Arrival date
  • Why would you come?


Guest Comments

Fantastic accommodations and beautiful scenery. The stars are life- altering! Truly a pleasurable experience with an excellent host- couple and impeccable food! Highly recommend.

Krisi Martin
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