Beach clean up with the
community of Cuajiniquil

Corporate social responsibility -             Small achievements changing the wourld
Years ago we started to clean up the beach and about
 2 1/2 km of the road 4 times a year with our neighbors and everybody who wanted to help us voluntary.

Fist we were only one family (2 adults and 2 kids) plus us. 
That year (2018) we are proud to say that we could integrate about
8 adults and 4 youngsters more who are always participating. Because of that effort of the community we convinced the Municipality of Cardenas to send us once a month the truck to recollect the waste from the population. Now more families are able to avoid burning or digging in their rubbish.

If you would like to cooperate, we don´t want any money,
we can lend you a bag and if you visit the caves Punta de Piedra or go for a walk on the beach, you can pick up the garbage and bring it to us.


Reforestation & Ecologic classes with students

Corporate social responsibility -             Small achievements changing the wourld
In 2017 we started the first time to work together with the public school of Cardenas. Every student has to do 40 hours of "ecologic" work.

We invited 3 groups (about 27 students) to help as in the reforestation 
of the farm and also on area of production. More than 140 plants of cafe,
50 cacao-trees and 40 different kinds of trees 
(Orange, Cedro, Zapote, Tamarindo, Espavel ect.) were planted.

The first harvest of cafe and cacao we hope to get
within 2 or 3 years (2021/22).
The idea of the cafe and cacao plantation is that the students can process and
sell products to finance their graduacion or other events at school.
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